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Double Elimination Tournaments
In this type of tournament you have to lose two matches before you are eliminated. After you lose your first match, your team then moves into the lower bracket. You continue playing matches in that lower bracket until you receive your second loss, at which point you are out of the tournament. However, if you win all the matches in the lower bracket you then play the winner of the upper bracket. Since the winner of the upper bracket has not yet lost, the winner of the lower bracket must beat the winner of the upper bracket twice in order to win the tournament. The winner of the upper bracket only needs to win one of the two matches to win the tournament. If the winner of the upper bracket wins the first game then no second game is required.

Improved Reporting System

Double Elimination tournaments use an improved reporting system. Report match losses by viewing the 'Report' link located on the tournament page. Select the winner of the match, input your password then select the 'Report Loss' button. Matches will be divided into Upper and Lower Bracket sections. This allows for much easier reporting without any possible confusion as to which match you are reporting your loss for. This type of reporting allows teams to play their games as soon as both teams are ready. Be sure to report your losses promptly after the completion of each game.