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Thanksgiving Holiday - by KittyCat_Meow_99 on 11/20/17

We will be closing after the noon tour on Wednesday, Nov. 22nd, so our staff can relax with family/friends and feasts.  We will reopen Friday AM at 9AM.  If a staff member happens to be available on these vacation days,  they will post tours on our home page.


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Today on sincerityspades (Safe Harbor Games)
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131 events scheduled Ladder-wide.
04:00 PM zonieowl's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
08:00 PM hells.rebeleagle's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
10:00 PM wantabetexan's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
10:15 PM wantabetexan's Tournament (100) SE [LS]

107 events scheduled Ladder-wide.
09:00 AM j_black2000's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
12:00 PM wantabetexan's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
12:15 PM wantabetexan's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
04:00 PM zonieowl's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
08:00 PM Jersey_Badboy69's Tournament (150) SE [LS]
10:00 PM mary2britt1's Tournament (100) SE [LS]
10:15 PM mary2britt1's Tournament (100) SE [LS]

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Sincersityspades is 3 years old today.I want to take this time to thank our ha and our staff.Would also like to thank our members for making this a great and fun league.wtg!
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