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- by Byoung890 on 6/18/18

Haven Happenings - by byoung890 on 18/6/18

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Wednesday, June 20th is the 8 year anniversary of POKER HAVEN  there will be two special tournaments that night the 8 pm and 10 pm will both have prizes of 10000 ladder bux to the winner of each tournament. Registration is now open

Register here for the 8 pm:

Register here for the 10 pm

Friday, June 22nd – 8 pm Second Chance/Texas Hold Em.  Midnight Trivia Holdem.

 Saturday, June 23rd – 8 pm Holdem Partners.

 Sunday, June 24th – 8 pm June birthday bash/Texas Hold Em.

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2132 events scheduled Ladder-wide.
12:00 PM EDT arizgirlnextdoor's Tournament (30) SE [LS]
04:00 PM EDT AZhorseWriter's Tournament (60) SE [LS]
06:00 PM EDT pinny123's Tournament (40) SE [LS]
08:00 PM EDT byoung890's Tournament (40) SE [LS]
10:00 PM EDT sexynanabrandi's Tournament (60) SE [LS]

1015 events scheduled Ladder-wide.
12:00 AM EDT arizgirlnextdoor's Tournament (30) SE [LS]
06:00 PM EDT blindluckAZ's Tournament (40) SE [LS]
08:00 PM EDT byoung890's Tournament (100) SE [LS]

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