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Re: THANK YOU!!!!!

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Posted by Colt (Ranked on Gin (Yahoo) Ladder) on November 04, 2013 at 14:28:00 PST:

In Reply to: Re: THANK YOU!!!!! posted by GIN_QUEENIE_2006 (Gold Member) on November 03, 2013 at 02:40:07 PST:

: you oughta know how well people stick together-you're like a stalker-I thought you left so don;t act like you give a rat's azz.

Sue ,

Do I play? Nope. I can comment on here all I want to. I have done nothing but state facts. It must suck that I am right.

Your friend isn't the saving grace of cases. If your friend was people would actually play. Odd how the games per day go from 200 to 40 or less in a matter of 5 months.

Also , most stalkers take the time to actually give a #!*^ about people. I could careless about you or her. I care about the league. Which I can't find joy in because you people have ruined it. Like I said the numbers don't lie.

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