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Posted by Colt (Ranked on Gin (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 22, 2013 at 08:19:29 PDT:

In Reply to: Bingo posted by doll10725 (Gold Member) on October 19, 2013 at 04:23:02 PDT:

Doll ,

I have never had an issue with you and I've always enjoyed playing you when I've gotten the chance. I feel I've always been respectful to you.

However, enough is enough. Let me start off by saying first that Bingo hasn't been a TD on ygin for 15 years. She hasn't been on here for 10 years. secondly , Your gold account says you joined in 1999 , which doesn't equal 15 years either. Now sure you could have joined and not gotten gold right away. Thirdly , when I started playing when I was 13 years old. I got up to play in tourneys with NAYNAY hosting. NOT bingo.

I will give Bingo credit for being the TD warrior she is. I will never say she is an bad TD. She is probably one of the best. However, to say that she has kept the league alive is down right wrong. This league was avg. 20 tourneys a day months ago. Older players starting coming back to play and we had more TDs too. However , Since people couldn't change just a little bit for the SAKE of ygin , now you have 2 TDs that host normally if that. With them having to play in there own tourneys because they can't get 4 players.

Now in order for TD's not to lose there spot as a TD they've made them all Active-Exempt.

So I am happy that gin with Bingo in the mornings brings you joy. However, the league is dying because people couldn't change just a little bit.

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