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Re: Java Update

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Posted by Dart268 (OpManager) (Ranked on Command & Conquer (Kali) Ladder) on January 23, 2014 at 14:38:32 PST:

In Reply to: Re: Java Update posted by hummycherub on January 21, 2014 at 17:07:00 PST:

The rooms on yahoo have been acting up the past few days. However if that's not the reason, I have copied below a post that was in a yahoo forum, with suggestions on fixing java.

Hope this helps,


Greeting Gamers,

Players have reported that the latest version of Java: Jave 7 (Update 51) is causing them to encounter an error that states the application has been blocked by security settings. These steps should correct the issue for most players:

For Windows: Go to Start and click on Settings, then Control Panel. Locate Java and launch it, go to the Security tab and change the vertical slider to Medium. This should fix the issue for most browsers.

For Mac: Click on Preferences. In the Other section, click on Java. Click the Security tab and and change the vertical slider to Medium. This should fix the issue for most browsers.

Some players (likely those using Firefox) may need to take one more action for games to begin working for them again. From the Firefox browser click Tools, then Options. Select Security then click the top Exceptions button. For the address of the website type * and click Allow.

If these steps are not working for you, and you are using Windows, you may have older instances of Java installed in addition to the up to date version. It is recommended that you uninstall all versions of Java before reinstalling the current version.

Take care,


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