Prayers for those in The Gulf

Prayers for those in The Gulf

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Posted by lshep_ (Gold Member) (Ranked 5 on Euchre (Yahoo) Ladder) on September 08, 2017 at 18:11:46 PDT:

G'Day All,
I just learned that Bob aka Packerbob is in the line of fire for fast approaching hurricane Irma then Jose..... he says its futile for him to try to evacuate now 'cause everything is gridlocked and the local has run out of essentials a while ago so he is in trouble and prolly wont have power for long. There must be more of us down there. All I can do is pray that Bob "holes"up and gets to high ground as Florida is expected to flood with the sea surge that accompanies the wind. Its all too coincidental to me that along with the greatest hurricane in recorded history comes along an earthquake that is the largest in 40 years ( i remember the big Mexican earthquake from back then, do you? ).
Take care all, get safe Bob and GOD keep you.

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