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Posted by whapemback_22 (Gold Member) (Ranked 27 on Euchre (Yahoo) Ladder) on March 06, 2017 at 18:00:07 PST:

In Reply to: Whapenback_222 posted by freckles2u_98 (Platinum) on March 01, 2017 at 07:12:58 PST:

Things went south when the blood vessel broke. I am just starting to be able to focus for a bit without my eyes getting strained and watery. My mom also took sick (which includes interference by my psycho self proclaimed posse sister making a mess of things) . She comes complete with constant use of the N word considering hersels worthy of being a N as well. Another baby mama on crack. We also have neighbour who has driven us crazy with non stop bombardment of very bad sounds and tools and bangs. Have to deal with all that and still unable to get on a crowded bus. Forget the prayers...........Jump up n down n go woo hoo. That gets my attention.

N fo cripes sake us Canadians are dealing with an idiot PM and gay premiere who are trying to push through sharia law. Now think about that for a second. A gay woman pushing for sharia law. What a stooge. eh.

Oh and I am whapemback22. I personally know whapemback 1 through 99 , but to my knowledge , whapemback_222 is only a character from ancient lore and can not be confirmed .

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