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Posted by J_T57_98 (Gold Member) (Ranked 445 on Euchre (Yahoo) Ladder) on February 19, 2016 at 20:06:27 PST:

In Reply to: Tdeem1 posted by TnT on February 01, 2016 at 14:35:39 PST:

: It came to my attention the other day, that my antagonist Tdeem1 passed away during the holidays. I come to the message forum and see 2 posts about this, TWO. From 1998-2005 Tdeem WAS the ladder. Tom and I didn't see eye to eye on alot of subjects and at times I found him offensive. But I'll say he was the best ladder player this league has ever seen.

: Saddens me how this place is today. 15 years ago we filled up 4 yahoo rooms, now the most infamous player gets 2 messages of condolence

I'm also sorry to hear of Tdeem's passing, and I also am sad to see what has become of this once vibrant ladder.
Time passes, tastes change, but the friendships and good times that were shared by the hundreds of people on this ladder will never be forgotten.
Tom, and dozens of others like him, helped make it what it was at it's best, a bit rough around the edges, but never dull, and always entertaining.

Best Wishes

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