I hate to have to post this, but...

I hate to have to post this, but...

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Posted by JJMMKK77 (SrStaff) (Ranked 12 on Command & Conquer (Kali) Ladder) on May 29, 2018 at 07:41:56 PDT:

...things are getting a little out of hand with cheat accusations.
First, neither the ops or the TDM can address a cheat problem, without a formal complaint. In the last month I have received cheat accusations on 4 pairings, from 4 different teams. The TDM and other ops have also heard some others.

When advised that the member had to file a complaint, there were various excuses...
I don't want to cause a problem... nothing ever gets done anyway,...it takes too much time to file, .... I can't take screenshots, ....it's your job, you take care of it....if you let them play in your tourney, I won't play.....etc.

Below I will post how to file a complaint, but if you're not willing to take the time to follow through on this, then please don't message me or the other ops, or the TDM, our hands are tied without a complaint.

Click on "contact us" under support to file. If at the beginning of the hand you sense something wrong, note down the bidding sequence. Once meld shows, take a screenshot.
There are a lot of screenshot programs, most putters have an auto program ( Hold down Ctrl, Alt, and hit the print screen button, open paint and paste it, name it and save it)
Play out the hand and before the next hand ends, click on last hand on the table, and screenshot this. We can then see how each trick was played. We will ask for this information from you after the complaint is filed.

Lastly don't take matters into your own hands, unsubstantiated cheat accusations made towards players is considered abuse.

Soooooooooo if you csn't say something nice, please don't say anything.


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