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GS Update

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Posted by ca_nascar_angel (Ranked 456 on Team Pinochle (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on June 21, 2017 at 12:36:22 PDT:

It appears as though my remaining issues have been corrected, I've been playing in a few tournies this past week, and with the exception of the first night of my return, I have not had any more issues.

First issue, I had to completely wipe my PC of all GS files and reinstall the program. This got rid of all of my error messages except for the sound error.

Second issue, When Cox installed my Contour and wifi service the tech really screwed up and they redid my installation last week.

1) He did not install the adapters to upgrade the cable wiring/amps for the updated service.

2) He did not install a filter on the contour box to tell it that I did not have any more boxes, or security services.

3) He did not program the contour box to tell it not to look for other equipment.

Contour is automatically set to look for, and speak to your other cox equipment in the household, when it couldn't find any, it thought there was an error and would reboot the , which would cause me to intermittently lose my internet.

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