GS reneges

GS reneges

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Posted by tlmomca (OpManager) (Ranked 30 on Command & Conquer (Kali) Ladder) on November 01, 2017 at 15:58:28 PDT:

There is a GS glitch that happens sometimes (not all that often but it does happen). You have a card in the suit that is led and GS will not allow you to play it - instead it insists you play a trump. (GS does know of this glitch and are working on it.)

In real life if you did this you are reneging - and it is BAD. I am seeing various ways that the team that commits the renege will be penalized - and they are all bad.

If you are ever in this position in one of our games in GS, stand and then resit and you should be able to follow suit. If you cannot, leave the table and/or the entire lobby and come back and you should be able to follow suit. Under no circumstances should you trump the trick in question and then finish play out. It is unfair to you and to your opponents.

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