Weekly Football Winners and teams...

Weekly Football Winners and teams...

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Posted by JJMMKK77 () (Ranked on Team Pinochle (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on December 25, 2017 at 21:05:31 PST:

If 2 or more winners have the same team, that wins the Super Bowl there will be a playoff ladder match to determine Grand Prize winner.
If there are no winners matching the Super Bowl Champions, 2 winners will be drawn from the pool of all players who participated in the weekly tourneys, for the Grand Prize.

1. Vikings, Lavilla and Bo
2. Broncos, Annette and Aunti
3. Lions, Cool and Birdy
4, Cowboys, RR and Bird
5, Chiefs, Reb and Taters
6. Vikings, JJ and Jelly
7. Titans, Spg and Samsnack
8. Eagles, Annette and PegMartin
9. Chiefs, Eme and CJ
10. Lions, Kaejae and Bigganga
11. Pamthers, Show and Pinochleman
12. Falcons, Bird and RR
13. Ravens, Red and Frs
14. Steelers, Sinnie and BadBoy
15. Dolphins, Sinnie and Badboy
16. Falcons, Frs and Bob
17. Steelers, Eme and PegMartin
18. Eagles, BigJim and Pinochleman

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