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Re: 13 and counting

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Posted by dont_bid_on_nothing (Ranked on Team Pinochle (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on April 18, 2017 at 14:35:51 PDT:

In Reply to: Re: 13 and counting posted by luckylyle99 on April 18, 2017 at 14:10:35 PDT:

Dont care about your old #*^either, your just a blind follower, afraid to get your hands dirty, afraid to speak up, afraid of the box!

If you cared about this league at all, even a little bit, you would be doing everything you can to find a site that has the correct rules, which would allow the league to become more active, but all you care about is tournaments because thats the only way you can win games! Guess your not a big picture kind of guy, you care more about seeing me and others like me out that you will condemn the existence of this league to do it!

But hey as long as you get what you want, nothing else matters right? Atleast im advocating for team games, tournaments, activeness, a fair place to play! You are happy because your tournaments still exist, bet if it was just team games you would be singing a different tune!

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