Return of Cases Ladder 2006???

Return of Cases Ladder 2006???

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Posted by BiG RoG (Ranked on Team LinksLS 2003 Pro (Zone) Ladder) on March 06, 2006 at 15:57:22:

Return of Cases Team Ladder???

Hello all that may be interested... I am sure there are teams out there that are tired of the monotonous Tours with all the same course/conds and the teams loaded with 100 players so that finding a teamer is almost impossible. I have thought about this for a long time and think we can get this going again if we could form a bunch of MINI teams with about 4-5 pards and start playing here again. Let's try and be open minded here and know that it will take a group effort of many to make this work. I am not trying to some hero for starting the team ladder up again but merely trying to get the fun back in the game as I think this was the most fun place to play Links. Let's try to get some teams together and start advertising in the Bunker room and maybe we can get this thing back going again?

Please feel free to comment

Riger H

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