New and Improved??

New and Improved??

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Posted by __Crimson__King (Ranked on Team LinksLS 2003 Pro (Zone) Ladder) on December 04, 2004 at 02:53:03:

So, does someone wanna tell what's goin on with this place?

I don't see much, other than a whole crap load of people attacking Lama. I understand why the bash Rog, but Paul? lolol

I've known Paul for few years now and have never know him to be more than just a chithead on occasion. Not much different than most of us. I have never had a "bad" game with(singles) or against the TA team.

I haven't been on as much as I use to and really don't understand fully what is happening. But, someone will have to prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Paul is responsible for what he is being accused of. Some of which is more reminiscent(spell check Tweety)of some more sadistic people we have encountered.

I have recently encountered zm's, some very sick zm's, from 3 different names. All of which I believe to be the same people. I don't know if that ties in to what I am seeing and hearing in the lobby.

I see that the Bunker Room is falling apart and I see some of the same crap that use to go on in the Ladder Room. I tell you what, I have come across some awfully nice people in the Bunker Room and have had some fun games with them. I think we under estimated the personalities in there. We have missed out on some good people to involve with our "release" out here on the cyber courses. They don't need to see residual Ladder BS in that lobby. 'Nuff said on that. lol

I have also seen a lot of us "Ladder" folks have calmed down a great deal. Well done to those that have, including myself. lol Ohhhhh, I still like to raise hell and give ole Tyme some crap. But, not like I used to. Some of you basteeges have accused me of goin "soft". To that I say, " Fffffff.....Fffffffffffah......Ffffffforget it" ;-) See ya's out there!! Come on now, group hug!! lmao


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