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Posted by Dorothy2Morrow (Gold Member) (Ranked 13 on Gin (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on October 28, 2014 at 05:55:50 PDT:

In Reply to: Proof posted by farmerrich_2000 (Leadop) on October 18, 2014 at 17:11:53 PDT:

And to all this I say, as I have always said;
May the best screen shot professional win...
I'm not going to go through all the hassle that it requires for several screen shots.
We all know who the 'pro' is, as evidenced by all the complaints filed on others for years... (who dared to get close to that #1 spot!) All the while committing all sorts of violations including but not limited to: rank manipulation, rank defense violations, popping in and out of the room avoiding invites, ignoring invites in lobby, the list is unreal.

When screen shots become more user friendly, and do not require so much time and effort, then I might compete! Til then, I am happy to watch the #1 spot be had by several different people... not like it was before we instituted the top FIVE rule, rather than the top TEN!


: Proof is often needed if you send in a support mail.

: Time stamps are often needed.

: Screen shots should
: display the entire screen including the clock and the taskbar. Screen shots
: of chat should be overlapping so that all chat regarding the complaint are
: visible. They must be in jpg or gif format. DO NOT send them in bmp format
: as they are too large to work with.

: If you are going to try to show elapsed time, then either take more than one screen shot or enable time stamps at the Safari site.

: Farm

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