Re: Thank You "Cases Management"

Re: Thank You "Cases Management"

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Posted by gcf129 (Gold Member) (Ranked 8 on Gin (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on July 16, 2014 at 04:36:31 PDT:

In Reply to: Thank You "Cases Management" posted by richmom28 (Gold Member) on July 15, 2014 at 23:21:47 PDT:

Yes thank you, but now please remove the button from the ladder room". Out rules state no "AFK"
and the button is just confusing things!

: Whoever that is thank you for allowing me my request to have a simple adjustment made to the tournament room at Gaming Safari. Most of us are a bit confused as to why "Cases Management" who to our knowledge has never been in our room and would not know what the "away" button was would give random approval of this. Considering that this seems to be such an important issue that Gaming Safari felt it necessary to contact you, I would think someone would have come and checked out the situation, or sent Homeland Security or some group in to make sure we weren't going to go wild with this "away" button? But thank you anyway. The players enjoy this button and it serves a good purpose for our room.

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