Re: Farm, Please clarify rule

Re: Farm, Please clarify rule

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Posted by farmerrich_2000 (Gold Member) (Ranked 9 on Gin (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on July 06, 2014 at 09:20:52 PDT:

In Reply to: Farm, Please clarify rule posted by gcf129 on July 06, 2014 at 06:11:16 PDT:

First of all, it is sometimes hard to get in a defend game, so we don't want to make it harder than it is.

The defend game is the only game that can be set up by email, messenger, etc.

The defend game can be requested by the player that is above or below in rank.

It is ok for a player not playing to ask a player that is playing for a defend game. The player that is playing may say no if they don't have enough time. If they accept, then the time shall be posted in the lobby. This allows the player waiting to wait 15 minutes without being challenged by another player. If the player playing isn't done with their game at the end of the 15 minute period, then others may challenge the waiting player. If no one challenges the waiting player, then they can wait longer for the game.

The challenge game must be played every 3 days if you are in the top 5. If you have proof that you tried to set the game up before 6 AM on the third day, then you may be granted a 4th day to get the game played. If you do not get the game played by the end of the 3rd day, or 4th day with proof, then you should ask for a vrr by using the contact us link by the end of the day.


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