Farm, Please clarify rule

Farm, Please clarify rule

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Posted by gcf129 (Ranked 1 on Gin (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on July 06, 2014 at 06:11:16 PDT:

Ok Farm, seems to be some confusion again in requesting a defend match. Are we allowed to ask a playing person for a defend match, when we are the waiting player, or is this considered a “play list”?
o Play Lists
 The use of play lists is not permitted. A play list is defined as a list of members you will be playing after your current match. If someone challenges you for a match and you are already playing, advise the person that you are currently playing and you’re unable to accept their challenge.
This rule reads to me as the person who is playing is not allowed to ask for a game until they are finished. But can that player be challenged for a defend match by a waiting player?
Was told this AM that I was not allowed to ask a playing person for a defend??
Please clarify fir us….TY

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