Defend Match Rules - 1 Day Grace - repost of previous forum post

Defend Match Rules - 1 Day Grace - repost of previous forum post

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Posted by farmerrich_2000 (Leadop) (Ranked 7 on Gin (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on January 21, 2015 at 12:34:28 PST:

Dear Gin (Gaming Safari) members, 1/21/15

I am reposting this forum post for all to see and with the top 5 rule added.

Original post August 2012

I want to explain to all how Rank Defense complaints will be handled from this point forward. There is no change in the rule, but there is a change and clarification on what will be acceptable proof and grace period.

Here is the rule:

Rank Defense

Members in the Top Five must play the person ranked directly below them at least once every three days. A rank-defense match takes priority over other challenges, and any member that would be involved in a rank-defense match may initiate the challenge. For example, a match between rank #2 and rank #3 is considered a rank-defense match, and either member ranked in those positions can challenge the other to play the match. If either member, the better-ranked player or the worse-ranked player, is found to be avoiding a rank-defense match, then their account may be penalized.

If you are ranked #3 and play #4 that counts as your defend match. If you are ranked #3 and play #2 then that counts as the #2 players defend match.

The three day period begins on the day after you enter the top five. Each time you play a defend match, the three day period resets. Use the standings button to check ranks, do not use the listing on the main page as that is often out of date. You should be trying to get a match in the lounge, and by email. If you try to get a match in the lounge, and your defend player can not stay for the match, then take a screen shot of this. Email your defend player and ask them when they can meet you and state when you are available. This email must be mailed by 6 AM of the third day of your defend period. Ranks often change, keep checking, and if necessary, mail your new defend player If you were unable to obtain a defend match, and have acceptable proof, then you may stay in the top five for one more day. If you are unable to obtain your defend match by the end of the 4th day, then you must take a VRR or risk being penalized. You must take a VRR by the end of the third day without proof or the end of the 4th day with proof to avoid a penalty.

A VRR should not be seen as a penalty but just giving others a chance to be in the top ten. If you are going to be idle, don’t wish to bother with top ten compliance, wish to play tourneys only or just aren’t able to set up your defend match, please write in for a voluntary rank reduction.


Farmerrich_2000, LeadOp
Case’s Ladder

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