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Posted by Anniewho3 (Ranked 32 on Word Yacht (Flipside) Ladder) on November 29, 2003 at 09:13:22:

Hi all! ((Hugs)))

I have been playing a private word game for over a year now. It's run by one of my friends.
A little history:
Over five years ago there used to be a game called Scramble on Delphi forums. About two years ago Delphi removed the game and the addicts became lost.. as we are now. One of the players name Sunking created a version of the scramble game and gave the code to a friend of mine, IndyMcduff. She runs the game from her second pc.
I asked for permission yesterday to allow wordyacht players to join our exclusive community, She agreed to allow my friends to join.
The game: basically it has a grid of letters, you type as many words as you can in a short time frame, larger words are worth more, and the person with the higher score wins.. easy and simple.. and multiplayer.
One thing that I think you will like, is it lets you still keep your WY skills sharp.

If you would like to try the game, here is what you need to to:

Email me at use your wordyatch email to email me, So I know it's you.
To join: IndyMcduff wants your real email, no yahoo or hotmail. Send me your real email, your wy name. and Indy will confirm and send you a password.

If you have me on aol or msn, you can bypass sending me an email, just contact me when I log in.

Last: simple directions to play.. enter username, enter password, when you are in, type rd - meaning ready. If for some reason the game doesn't start could be because a game is already in progress, if not another code to start the game is /go.

Here is the web page:

That's it.. you may love the game, you might hate it.. I'm just giving you a chance to try it :)

((hugs ))

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