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Posted by __sweet_angel__ (Ranked 15 on Word Yacht (Flipside) Ladder) on November 06, 2003 at 06:52:28:

WHERE IS EVERYONE HIDING????? Where is everyone at here latley is something important going on and i wasnt invited lol

I really dont know what is going on here latley with this room everyone is vanishing, the room is so empty here lately.

I feel so sorry for our wonderful group of tds that we have it is so hard to get a good tourney going on because of the room always being so bare. I remember when we had a room so full that it was hard to find a table to play at.

I know with the rooms splitting that the numbers have dropped but coming in here in the morning or even in mid afternoon and being the only player is really odd.

I know that some players have quit coming in as much because when you do come in the room is empty but if we stop coming in because the room is so empty then the room will always be empty.

So lets all COME IN more often. Lets get those numbers up!!!

I know there is things in life that makes it impossible for us to be here all of the time, I really do with two little ones at home and the weird hours I work so dont think that I am trying to make you give up your life for wordyacht just trying to incourage everyone to come in more!!!

I am starting to have a withdrawl here from not being able to have a game almost everyday lol:))

Hope to see more peeps in the room soon come wordyacht with me

Angel :))

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