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Thx Deb and Tress

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Posted by CHRISTY4C (Platinum) (Ranked 1 on Word Yacht (Flipside) Ladder) on October 20, 2003 at 14:44:42:

In Reply to: From another Ladder Player --- posted by --Flipper-- (Platinum) on October 20, 2003 at 12:11:36:

Thanks for posting in here Debi cause I seldom ever read other forums just not enough time I guess lol

My input on this topic is yes I would love to have some of the fun players come join us in the Comp room as we all know our numbers are down. I know several have been busy moving and just doing the normal life things.

I too miss the larger tourneys. I dont know what the solution to this problem is cause fun doesnt want to play in cases and several cases players dont want to play in fun so is there a happy medium (I am sure wishing that we could come to one) Some of the cases players have already joined the fun ladder. I know with a large group of people it is hard for all to like and get along with each other that is true in everyday life so why would it be any different at an online game.

I am willing to try whatever it takes on my part to come to a conclusion so if anybody has any ideas feel free to email me or look me up in the wy room I am usually here most evenings.

As for ladder bux Tress if ya need some I would be glad to gift u some I have tons of them that I do absolutely nothing with lol. That goes for all that ask any time I will gift them to you!

Lace and I had discussed possibly having like a league vs league championship tourney so to say but we werent sure it would work but if you would like to try it I would be glad to host it on the Cases part just let me know. We thought each league would host their own tourney then the winners would play in a final tourney course it would just be for fun at the end since there would be no way to post it from one ladder to another. I think it would be a great start to getting all back together. (Just my opinion only)

Thanks again for a nice post and maybe we can get some input from both ladders for a great way to meet in the middle so to say :o)

Thx for listening to my longwinded post

: I had a conversation w/ Trescool this morning and for those of you who do not read the FUN forum, I have copied his post from there to toss out here. I happen to agree w/ him and if we can't have interleague tournies, then possibly we could at least play in one room like we used to w/ family only this time it would be FUN and Cases...its a thought. I would love to host/play in large tournies again. I miss those days and I miss alot of the peeps that left Cases. Just my opinion =) Debi

: Here is his post =)

: Hey all,
: Let me rant for a minute.

: As you know, I have been a TD in this league practically since it became a league. I have made many wonderful friends and play here exclusively. I am wondering though how much better off we would be, now that we have been here a year and established ourselves as a great and viable league, if we tried to merge and become one league instead of the 3 or 4 that exist. I sincerely miss playing the folks that never switched over to our league. I am wondering moreso what would be thought of if we could have interleague tournaments somehow. Kinda like the world series for the American and National Leagues in Baseball, or the AFL and NFC in Football. I want our tournies to be large like they were when I started playing and make it truly an honor to be in the top 20 out of 300 players vs about 100.

: I have beenthinking of going back and rejoining the other leagues but then realize that I have a large number of bux built up here and that is likely the reason no one wants to leave whatever league they are in. These bux as we know are useless other than for tourney participation but a lot of pride is gained in getting them. Also it is nice to see the stats and player record over long periods of time play. Is there some way to rejoin the league and make it very viable as ONE league with ALL players competing nicely. Or is it just that too many players want to be TD's and not enough time and space to let them all host. should we consider having multiple tournies held at the same time if some do not want 2-3 hour long tournies?

: I am just ranting here and all input would be greatly appreciated

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