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Re: 4th in Tourney

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Posted by RosieInHouston (Ranked 5 on Word Yacht (Flipside) Ladder) on September 29, 2003 at 11:11:53:

In Reply to: 4th in Tourney posted by LeonsMaMa on September 29, 2003 at 09:15:18:

First of all, let me just say that it's NOT ok to apologize in advance before opening your mouth to say something you KNOW will cause a problem among other players! Secondly, I wasn't aware that we had an election where we voted you in as the person who decides what another person can or can't do! I sit in the room all day long and play in the games/tournies that I CHOOSE to play in. I am on dialup and have unlimited access to my ISP, so how I choose to use that time is MY business and none of anybody elses. If I want to sit in the Comp room while doing my homework or watching television or taking a shower or clipping my toenails, that is MY BUSINESS! If you really must know, I am in there all day long chatting with my friends in purpleland and having a good time. The fact that you can't see that we are chatting and having a good time is, again, OUR BUSINESS! I have MANY MANY TIMES saved a tourney I had no intention of playing in at first as a favor to a TD or the other players already in the tourney. For confirmation of this I'd suggest you speak with the TDs and ask them how many times they have PM'd me with "Rosie, will ya pleeeease save the tourney?". I'm sure that they will agree that I have played in and saved many a tourney. I have a fairly laid back lifestyle since I don't have small children and that affords me the oppurtunity to sit in the comp room while I pick my nose if I so desire. I am also in college and since most of my classes are computer related and require me to be ON my computer to do homework, I prefer to log into flipside just in case a friend happens to come into the room to chat with me. Yeah, we could chat on AIM or ICQ or YAHOO, but we don't. We chat and have fun in purpleland in the Comp room. OUR CHOICE! For you or any other player to try to dictate to me or any other player how and when we should be logged into flipside is RIDICULOUS! You are NOT the monitor of this room, nor do I (and others) appreciate you attempting to tell us how and when we can be in the room! I will sit in the Comp room as often and for however long I please and to top it off, I may even stay logged in when I go on vacation!

Sitting in Comp Room for My Rights!

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