Suggestions to help you log in and PLAY!!!

Suggestions to help you log in and PLAY!!!

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Posted by RosieInHouston (Ranked 10 on Word Yacht (Flipside) Ladder) on December 08, 2003 at 08:10:47:

After many hours of wading thru the forum posts at, I have found several suggestions that were posted that seemed to help people log into the new site.

1. If you use broadband, DSL or a cable connection, home portal or any other connection other than dial up, try logging in using a dial up connection first, get the room all loaded and THEN return to your regular connection and it "should" work then.
2. If you are on aol and can't get in, it could be aol's browser. Try opening Internet Explorer itself and logging in that way. (I am on aol and not having any problems with their browser, but others in the vugames forum said they were)
3. Active X problems: I posted a message earlier regarding this but here it is again:
a)In IE, go to tools, internet options, the security tab, custom level (at the bottom) and change all "unsafe" and "unsigned" Active X Controls to PROMPT, then reload the game room page and attempt to log in.
4. I read some posts in the vugames forum from people in the UK. I'm not sure if there is an exact fix for their problems, but I think the general concensus (from the Moderator, Linda) is that you should be using IE to access the games instead of whatever browser was provided by you ISP (such as AOL's browser problem too).
5. If NONE of these things work for you and you still can't log in you can go check out the vugames forums and see if there is a thread there that addresses your problem.

The Hoyle forum is located at: and from there you should be able to access all the other threads that people have posted with problems and solutions. If that link doesn't post here or work right you can just go to and click on FORUMS at the very top of the page and then scroll down to HOYLE games and it will take you to the correct page to access the threads. Pay particular attention to threads posted by Linda@(Moderator) because she is the one with the best answers to problems. I would also caution you about taking the "fix" advice of anyone else posting on that site. If you aren't sure how to fix your particular log in problem you might want to surf thru the other posts (there are MANY) and see if you find a solution offered by Linda before you try one posted by "just a player". They may sound like they know what they are talking about, but think about it, so does a hacker or a virus creator. If you have tried everything posted there, I can try to help you if you'd like, altho I am "just a player" too. LOL My ICQ is 10258481 or you can catch me on AOL at and I'll do what I can to help! Keep in mind that this is FINALS week for me in school and check the forum for vugames first before ya blow up my messengers with questions! LOL Hope this message helps and I hope to see ya in the room soon!!

RosiePosie da Nosey

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