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Re: a few more questions

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Posted by Lvingochris (Ranked 62 on Gin (VU Games) Ladder) on April 20, 2009 at 06:32:15:

In Reply to: a few more questions posted by meme on April 19, 2009 at 22:59:15:

: Whoa there big guy don't get all riled up First I must apologize I diD not notice that you had posted the address to Hoyles Forum.
: Next As if you could stop me from asking questions, you posted that you would allow me the oppurtunity to ask Hoyle well thank you I will.
: Next I am not puting down the ladder and I am not asking these questions to be like any one else. I am asking because I want to weigh the entire situation out before I invest 20.00 to play at Hoyle.
: Third. I never insinuated that any one should justify their reason to play here or anywhere else, Because "Frankly I don't give a Damn" where people chose to play that is their option to do as they wish.
: Fourth. I am not putiing down this site I do feel that there are better sites however this is where I chose to play untill all these problems with Hoyle started which prompted me to ask these questions.
: Fifth. What are you heavily invested in Hoyle or Case's that you take this so personally. I mean geez you act as if you were a mother hen and I am attempting to steal your eggs.
: I wish that I could just get some answers with out all the Drama. I mean if this ladder is run based on rules and regs developed by the powers that be then why I ask again aren't the rules and regs being followed by those in the position to enforce them, eg. Purgeing sp? players for inactivity.
: Last I am being swayed in one direction and can't help but feel that I am being pushed that way by you Fan. Is this site open to all who pay or just to a select few who sheepishly follow as they are being led by the iron fist. Further more I have tried all your fixes I STILL CAN'T GET IN.

: It's quite obvious that this person doesn't know anything about Mr. Fantasia and the unselfish help he has given over the years to anyone who needs it !!

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