a few more questions

a few more questions

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Posted by meme (Ranked on Gin (VU Games) Ladder) on April 19, 2009 at 22:59:15:

Whoa there big guy don't get all riled up First I must apologize I diD not notice that you had posted the address to Hoyles Forum.
Next As if you could stop me from asking questions, you posted that you would allow me the oppurtunity to ask Hoyle well thank you I will.
Next I am not puting down the ladder and I am not asking these questions to be like any one else. I am asking because I want to weigh the entire situation out before I invest 20.00 to play at Hoyle.
Third. I never insinuated that any one should justify their reason to play here or anywhere else, Because "Frankly I don't give a Damn" where people chose to play that is their option to do as they wish.
Fourth. I am not putiing down this site I do feel that there are better sites however this is where I chose to play untill all these problems with Hoyle started which prompted me to ask these questions.
Fifth. What are you heavily invested in Hoyle or Case's that you take this so personally. I mean geez you act as if you were a mother hen and I am attempting to steal your eggs.
I wish that I could just get some answers with out all the Drama. I mean if this ladder is run based on rules and regs developed by the powers that be then why I ask again aren't the rules and regs being followed by those in the position to enforce them, eg. Purgeing sp? players for inactivity.
Last I am being swayed in one direction and can't help but feel that I am being pushed that way by you Fan. Is this site open to all who pay or just to a select few who sheepishly follow as they are being led by the iron fist. Further more I have tried all your fixes I STILL CAN'T GET IN.


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