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Re: and as of yet no answers

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Posted by fantasia_sf () (Ranked 39 on Gin (VU Games) Ladder) on April 19, 2009 at 11:48:47:

In Reply to: and as of yet no answers posted by meme on April 19, 2009 at 10:14:21:

As usual you misstated the facts. I didn't say I would allow you to do anything. All I did was agree with you with regards to this statement that I quoted from you post:

"However I have to wonder why is it that actual employees of Hoyle haven't come to the forefront and responded or assured its players of the situation taking place. Is it that Hoyle maybe in bigger trouble than they wish to admit to?.... I am giving this a great deal of consideration and would appreciate a response maybe from an actual employee."

As you can see by my reply:

"You have every right to demand that an actual employee come up and answer your questions and I am going to give you the opportunity to ask those questions directly to an employee of the company that actually owns the Hoyle Online site. After all when you want the correct answers you go directly to the horse's mouth."


I didn't give you "permission" I gave you the opportunity by posting the link to the forum that the actual employees of Hoyle post to and read. Since NO employees of Hoyle would ever see your questions in this forum because they never post in or read here I didn't want all your efforts to be wasted.

As usual you make the same erroneous assumptions as many others do that Case's Ladder is involved in the ownership of this site, which in fact it doesn't. If you want to ask Case's a question then use the Contact Us link on the main page. If you want to ask the owners of Hoyle Online questions then you can post in their forum which is the link I posted above. If you want to put down this ladder, like some others are trying to do then take it to H2H where it belongs.

Everyone has the right to play at any site they want, that's their choice. If a person doesn't agree with the practices of the ladder then they can either file a complaint through the proper link or they can transfer to another site. This ladder is the "fsgin" ladder and it plays at Hoyle Online and it will remain at Hoyle Online until there isn't a Hoyle Online any longer after which it Will be an inactive ladder. No member of this ladder is obligated to offer any explanations as to why they want to play on this ladder and no member who decides to transfer out of this ladder is obligated to give an explanation for their decision.

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