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Posted by bearhoodar1 (Platinum) (Ranked 117 on Gin (VU Games) Ladder) on March 15, 2009 at 20:34:17:

In Reply to: Well said Rox posted by gaziggys (Platinum) on March 15, 2009 at 17:26:40:

: : Due to work schedules and family commitments, many if not all TDs cannot schedule tourneys that far in advance. The same applies to the TDs at Ren, and yet they do not seem to have a problem getting players for their tourneys. If the players need time to schedule their lives in order to play, you must consider the TDs have the same problems arranging their time. Whereas you can play in a tourney and be finished in 10 minutes, a TD must be there 30 minutes prior to tourney and most tourneys take on average 45 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of players. So the players 10 to 30 minutes of playing is minimal compared to the TD’s 1-1/2 hours minimum.

: :
: : Those of you who want to see more tourneys on the calendar should seriously consider becoming a TD yourself.

: : We were fortunate that REN GAMES came to us after learning that Hoyle was closing the rooms. They not only offered us 2 rooms but also the ability to host there as well.
: : We were greeted warmly and given much support, as opposed to CLO where many of us were openly insulted and others treated rather shabbily.

: : Two months is a row at the 11th hour Hoyle has made overtures to the Case players. Once to keep the site open for a month, the second time to charge the players to play at their site. If it was a matter of $20 why weren’t we told this back in January? It has often been said that many felt Case let them down. I, for one, know of no one who feels Case let them down. We were let down by HOYLE no one else.

: :Well Roxie, I was a TD remember. My family or work situation was not even considered and that is why i am not a Td anymore. We all had work and family situations then also, but with all the "TD", if it wasn't for richmom would we even have tourneys anymore? i think it is a crying shame that on this ladder there are 11 reg Td's and only 4 are not on vacation...This is unreal. so if this ladder is to stay alive..tourney-wise something has to change. I miss the tourneys here, even though I really like Ren. oh well that was more a dime then a pennys worth. Bear

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