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Posted by Roxie_Blue (Ranked 118 on Gin (VU Games) Ladder) on March 15, 2009 at 14:04:55:

In Reply to: MY 2 CENTS posted by fantasia_sf () on March 15, 2009 at 07:13:40:

: Well I for one have to agree with Frani and Bear. Back on Jan 13 when we received the bad news of the Hoyle Online site's pending doom I was one of the first that went around looking for a place that OUR LADDER, not just me, could find as an alternative. I had found 2 sites which we could move to, Case's Online (CLO) and Rengames, as a complete ladder. CLO already had 2 Gin rooms, Case's and MyLeague, and the Case's gin room was empty. Rengames at this time had just added a Gin room but when they heard that there was a possibility of our ladder losing a site they went to work to bring their gin rooms up to Case's standards. The folks at Rengames knew about the Hoyle Forum and some of them even posted in it, so they could see what was coming on the horizon. When word trickled down that the closure may not be as eminent as expected, some of the powers that be at this ladder felt that, because Rengames had done so much so quickly to get their gin rooms prepared, they needed to create a new ladder, RenGin, to put on their site in appreciation for what they did. Some of our ladder members who felt that Case's had let them down with regards to the closure immediately transfered their account and others, myself included, just joined the new ladder. Case's does not have any restrictions on how many ladders a person can belong to, even non-premium members, so anyone who wanted to could play on both ladders.

: Now, since the Hoyle Online site seems destined to remain open, a lot of us who have been long time members would prefer to remain here. Back in December we had 423 registered members on our ladder, today we have 370. This shows that there has not been a mass exodus to the other site. There are quite a few members who are registered at both sites also.

: As far as tourneys I have to agree with Bear that if our TD's would schedule tourneys far enough in advance there would be folks who would play. The problem is that when a tourney is scheduled a couple of hours in advance it does not get posted on the ladder's main page, just the calendar. Also a lot of folks look to see what tourneys are scheduled so they can plan their playing time. It seems that most people are playing tourneys at the RenGin ladder as is shown by the following. On this past Friday there were a total of 60 matches played at RenGin and of those 11 were non-tourney matches. On Saturday there were a total of 70 matches played at the site and of those only 8 were non-tourney matches.

: As far as playing at the Hoyle Online site there is no question about it. Regardless of the condition of the site as a whole, there are many people, myself included, that prefer this site over any others I have played at. I would personally like to make an appeal to the TD's on behalf of the players, please try to get a few more tourneys on the schedules. However if the TD's do not feel it is worth their time and effort then I for one will have to make do with Room 1 and maybe when the urge gets to me hop over to RenGin for a tourney. Regardless, the Case's FsGin ladder is my home and it will remain my home until it goes dark.

: For everyone's convenience I have included a link below to the Tourney Calendar so you can put it in your favorites. This way you can look at it and it will always show the latest information and it won't be necessary for you to go to the ladder main page.

Due to work schedules and family commitments, many if not all TDs cannot schedule tourneys that far in advance. The same applies to the TDs at Ren, and yet they do not seem to have a problem getting players for their tourneys. If the players need time to schedule their lives in order to play, you must consider the TDs have the same problems arranging their time. Whereas you can play in a tourney and be finished in 10 minutes, a TD must be there 30 minutes prior to tourney and most tourneys take on average 45 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of players. So the players 10 to 30 minutes of playing is minimal compared to the TD’s 1-1/2 hours minimum.

Those of you who want to see more tourneys on the calendar should seriously consider becoming a TD yourself.

We were fortunate that REN GAMES came to us after learning that Hoyle was closing the rooms. They not only offered us 2 rooms but also the ability to host there as well.
We were greeted warmly and given much support, as opposed to CLO where many of us were openly insulted and others treated rather shabbily.

Two months is a row at the 11th hour Hoyle has made overtures to the Case players. Once to keep the site open for a month, the second time to charge the players to play at their site. If it was a matter of $20 why weren’t we told this back in January? It has often been said that many felt Case let them down. I, for one, know of no one who feels Case let them down. We were let down by HOYLE no one else.

Roxie :o)

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