My Christmas Poem

My Christmas Poem

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Posted by LilRed2004 (LadderOp) (Ranked 13 on Euchre (VU Games) Ladder) on December 09, 2008 at 20:51:39:

'Tis the tourney before Christmas and all through euchreland,
Not a player was playing not a single 1.
All the TD's were in their beds,
With visions of tourneys running through their heads.

Cindy and LilRed were as happy as larks,
'Cuz all the TD's were doing their parts,
By keeping the ladder from falling apart.

When all of a sudden there was heard a cheer,
All the players then began to appear
'Cuz tourney time was finally here.

When finally who did appear,
But a soldier who was carrying his gear.
He was without a trace of fear.

For his country he serves
And our appreciation he deserves
Even if he is in the Armed Forces Reserves.

He said with a cheerful voice,
"With all the angels this night we should rejoice.
For this is the night the worlds Savior was born!!"
He said in a face the looked forlorn.

Back to the room the we all went,
With all the players their bux being spent.
All the fun that was being had,
No one but not was being bad.

LilSaintNick an appearence he did make
As he laughed his belly did shake.
"Hello Ocean, Hi Ohioman and LowLife,
Hi buggy,Colleen and Cindy.

Greetings not, kid and all the rest!!
Tonight is the night the world is blest,
Because for us God sent his only Son,
And our salvation from sin was won.

So please remember all those who are not here,
And all those who serve our country without fear.
And also the reason for the season,
And that is Christ came to die for us all!!

So please all be of good cheer,
And hold your loved ones so dear,
And please all be of good cheer,

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