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Posted by cameltoe2k5 (Ranked on Tiger Woods 99 Pro (EASports) Ladder) on October 26, 2004 at 15:43:41:

In Reply to: Tiger 2k5 posted by AHawk4Golf (Gold Member) on October 25, 2004 at 13:10:38:

: Man what a dump Tiger Woods online has taken..... Just checked on 2k5, only 50 registered players on the enitre game..

: I knew when they started charging a monthly fee, and making the shot meter so easy anyone with a ruler and a mouse could hit it straight, this game would go to the dogs...

: I rest my case......

Hiya ahawk-
Long time bud hope everythings well over on the 99 side.I would just like to comment on the remark you had said about 2k5,don't get me wrong bro I loved 99...i mean LOVED 99.Yes you are right in part with your comment about the meter and the ruler but most of us old school 99ers that played pro on here are part of a ladder on myleagues called GMC golfmaster 3 click.The meter is easy when you play advace and actually resembles the meter on here as far as speed goes.We however play expert 3 click and I assure you its very fast and takes a couple weeks for most to really get it down.Alot of guys from 99 have come over and played it and felt they didn't like it because the couldn't get the speed of the meter down and a miss on 2k5 on the greenlines is far more unforgiving then here.I miss most of guys that have stuck around on here and applaud you loyalty for staying with good ol 99.

As far and the ruler thing goes, yes on trueswing you may use a ruler and yes, you can get a straight shot almost everytime,but what fun would that be? Thats why we set all our matches on the expert 3 click level.

And lastly on as far as paying for EA server goes...I've never paid 1 cent.I bought 2k4 back when it first came out and got a 1 year subscription with the game.I had 3 weeks left before my subscription ran out when 2k5 came out and my subscription runs for 1 more year ubtil 2k6 comes out.Yes in part you are right that if I wanted to stay with 2k4 rather than purchase 2k5 I would have to pay more.However I've never felt ripped off or pizzy that I had to purchase 2k5 the gameplay is much the same as 2k5 but the graphics and the equipment and options have made the game awhole new expierence and was well worth the $39.99.

Well now that I rambled and probably put whoever reads this half to sleep.I would just like say wassssup all and if any questions about anything as far as 2k5 goes holla at me.

Later guys.....Cameltoe

P.S. Yo hawk I play with pro-pain alot and will let him know you still around brotha.

P.S.S. Gupppzzz, Oaky, and GARRRR...miss you mofos ...send me info on Kali I'll come back here once in awhile and probably get my azz handed on 99 but what the hell not like I don't know how to post well hehehehe

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