Re: Cheers, my friends.... - my last "book"

Re: Cheers, my friends.... - my last "book"

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Posted by brazumich73 (LadderOp) (Ranked 72 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on May 04, 2003 at 17:39:19:

In Reply to: Cheers, my friends.... posted by MGChic641 (OpManager) on May 03, 2003 at 22:44:26:

Final thoughts as I see that with enough diligence, AOL finally found a way to keep everyone from playing on WorldPlay...

It's rather novel to actually make friends online, at least to me. I always tried to be careful talking to female players, didn't want to seem like one of those online perverts. Often I was just as careful with the male players - I had to explain to more than a few that the "bj" in my earlier name on this ladder stood for my initials, not something I'd like to do with another guy.

Given that, I have made more than a few friends out of this ladder. I have only had the pleasure of meeting two of you personally. (Yes, "if you went to Vegas and AC, you moron, you'd meet more of them"). Hopefully I'll get to meet (or at least speak to) more of you in the future.

What I'll remember most from many things on the WorldPlay ladder:

All the friends and aquaintances I have made over time, both before and after AOL shut off access to our site from the regular internet. For me, special mention goes to (in no particular order) BriDanMomC, MarieCPA (friends, you haven't lived till you eat at an Ed Debevich restaraunt), MGChic641, PennyD5660, GinJohnX, Scooter McGraw, Hogiegirl, Katt, Bearhoodar (she named a runt little dog "Bear"?), I75, EnergizerBunny (cool pink emails), Gel46, and Eve0854 come to the forefront, either because they are friends, good aquaintances, or have helped to make my experience memorable on WorldPlay. However, everyone, whether or not named here, you all made an impression on me.

I'll remember starting here after many of us got chased off of the Won site when Flipside took over and banned Case's Ladders from their games. Do you know if you search hard enough, you can find GettingWorse's web site for our ladder? It's still out there.

I'll remember how we discovered that at one time booting was only an occasional nusiance - Man, wouldn't we all like that again now (and we used to complain about it at the time).

I'll remember the great Mr. Moose debates. I also remember all the great back doors to WorldPlay that we used when AOL started to tighten the screws to keep non-AOL subscribers out of the site. There was a web site devoted to that, too. Little did we know that this was probably the real beginning of the end we see now.

I have few regrets. The biggest ones are not going to Vegas to meet many of you when I could, and not being able to go to Atlantic City because I can't. I always had fun posting.

I hope to see all of you around from place to place online. Enjoy wherever you go to play gin, whether it be Flipside, Yahoo, Games Grid, Iplay, Game Colony, or some other one that hasn't been invented yet.

To all of you I wish a lot of luck. For my "book" fans, this was actually a lot longer . I think I adequately turned my novel into a novelette. I think I'll stop now.



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