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Posted by babypisano (Ranked 3 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on April 17, 2003 at 10:17:51:

I have not been a member of your league very long and after this post, I will not be a member any more. Prior to my departure, I would like to say thanks to the nice people that play in this room, there are some who take this game as it is and have a few laughs, have a little fast paced competition, and spend some time unwinding from a day at work. Now I would like to say PFFFF to the normal rear ends that you find around a ladder. Katt you played me one game in the past couple of months I have been here and you have accused me of being someone else, you have given me grief because I spoke my mind about your telling me I should change ladder, and not asking me if I would like to change ladders. Then you get involved with a gdplayer and tell him to get on my case about something you know nothing about. FYI i was booted 14 time yesterday and returned and completed all my games except the one he was involved in, but you stuck you nose in and told him to tell me I had to report.
I have never been accused of not reporting a game.
Jbologana you gave me grief about not playing you when asked and I tried to explain I was booted and didn't see it. I came in to play a few games and don't think I have NOT missed a request for a game, but you rattled on an on, in you wonderful, articulate way, forgetting the other night when I reserved the table for you and you ignored it, but you didn't hear me complaining.
I understand that all can not get along and look at thing thru a different set of eyes, but if you would take things with a grain of salt, and not try and be petty, and remember it is only a game,you win and lose no money when playing, your children don't get good grades in school for a win, you still have to buy your on food if you are in the top 10. have fun with it as that is why it is here.
So I spoke my mind and still say thanks for the few that made the last few months fun and they others again PPFFFFF there are other games and other rooms and other fun to be had, see you on the net have fun and remember its just a game

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