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WorldPlay Status

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Posted by PENNYD5660 (LeadOp) (Ranked 113 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on April 04, 2003 at 20:11:06:

This is a copy of the conversation I had tonight with an AOL Tech

AOLTechACM :I apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing with World Play Games. AOL is aware of the issue and currently working with the administrators of World Play Games to make it available as soon as possible. I have submitted a problem report on your behalf to the appropriate department. However, we do not have a timeline of how long this issue will last.

PENNYD5660 :I play gin on WorldPlay, this is my only kind of relaxation

AOLTechACM :Currently, the EA administrators and AOL are doing their absolute best to insure the stability of WorldPlay games.

PENNYD5660 :ACM.....WorldPlay went from being a great site to being completely unstable now

AOLTechACM :I understand completely.

PENNYD5660 :If there wasn't anything wrong with it before, why did they mess with it?

PENNYD5660 :I will tell you ACM, that the problem has been getting worse as time goes on..........if they want to lose customers they are going about it in a great way

AOLTechACM :Having the ability to maintain a working server that would handle many gamers has plagued all game sites including that of the Worldplay.

AOLTechACM :Currently our staff together with EA are working on this issue and will be resolved very soon.

PENNYD5660 :give me an approximate time

PENNYD5660 :how much longer?.............1 week, 1 month what?

AOLTechACM :I would love to give you that information. Honestly, we do not have control over the time that this would take. It is completely out of hands since even the staff that is working on this issue do not have an exact time/date on when it will be finished.

AOLTechACM :However, they are trying to have it all fixed within a month's time.

PENNYD5660 :ok.......i will be patient for one more month.......

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