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Posted by brazumich73 (LadderOp) (Ranked 58 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on April 01, 2003 at 20:14:59:

In Reply to: VERY CONFUSED posted by babypisano on April 01, 2003 at 07:58:04:

Well, first of all, don't sell yourself short - as you said, you are newer to the ladder, and therefore not used to all the interesting tourney formats we have used in the past. To their credit, our tournament directors are very imaginative.

The interest in playing as a group on a different game site comes from the problems we have currently been having with the WorldPlay game site. For those of us who have played on WorldPlay for a long time and have become close, the problems on the software are distressing because we do like to play our games. The idea of being on Game Colony was attractive to those who have organized it because the Case ladder there has been dormant for the better part of a year. That's a story for another post.

To answer your questions...

>>If there is a new ladder being formed who will run this ladder?
The Gin (Game Colony) ladder has been around for a few years now. As an official Case ladder, it is ultimately run by Case. As of this post, the Game Colony ladder does not have any LadderOps. Any Case related matters would be handled by OpManagers or Senior Staff as the need arises.

>>If there is a new ladder being formed, should not the players play some ladder games before there is a tournament?
There is no requirement to play any ladder games before participating in a tournament. It might be a good idea to do so in advance to get familiar with their software, but it is not necessary nor required, no matter what ladder you play in.

>>If there is a new ladder being formed should officers be elected?
If you are referring to LadderOps, then no, it is not necessary to have LadderOps to start using a ladder. On any ladder within the Case , a member has to fill out an application online to become an Op. After checking is done via the appropriate staff members within Case, any candidates that past the first review are placed in the voting booth for that ladder. If the candidates pass the vote, then they take training classes for learning how to do all the tasks that Ops do.

>>Is this new league being formed going to be a tournament league for the normal 10-12 players who join them or will this be a league for all the members to enjoy?
The current Game Colony ladder is pretty much the same in its application as our WorldPlay ladder is now. The ladder is there for competition for all who want to participate, whether in tournies or in open play.

>>If the new is being formed, who is forming it and have they experience in running a league or just running tournaments, because I think there is a difference?
You are right, there is a difference between managing a ladder and running tournaments, although there are also many similarities. I've already noted above that the Game Colony gin ladder is an established ladder within the Case . While there are no LadderOps for that ladder at the moment (as far I can determine as of this writing) I do know that Katt 6410 and Bearhoodar are more than capable of running tournaments for that site if they so choose to. Any non-tournament problems on that ladder can be submitted to Case using the Support link on the Game Colony gin ladder web page.

I hope that I've been able to answer your questions satisfactorily. You are free to play gin on as many different sites as you like - don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. And, if you wish, you don't have to play anywhere else but here - and don't let anyone tell you that you should move. I like WorldPlay the best, even with the unpleasent software problems it has lately, but I myself play on another gin ladder from time to time. I like the variety.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Good Luck!

brazumich73, LadderOp
Case's Ladder

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