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Posted by babypisano (Ranked 10 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on April 01, 2003 at 07:58:04:

Please help a new guy understand.....I have been a member of this ladder for a few weeks and must say it has been one for the better ladders I have belonged to. I received a couple of "IM's" telling me about red and black and no fault, and to be honest had no idea what they were. I asked and was told they were tournaments. I asked what kind of tournaments and was told they were gin tournaments. To be honest with you I never heard of this kind of gin but then I am not the smartest person in the world. Today I received two emails telling me that there is a new ladder being formed, in some place called game colony. Again something I never heard of.
The next email tells me there is the first tournament being played.
This is where I started to get confused so I ask the following questions:

If there is a new ladder being formed who will run this ladder?
If there is a new ladder being formed, should not the players play some ladder games before there is a tournament?
If there is a new ladder being formed should officers be elected?
Is this new league being formed going to be a tournament league for the normal 10-12 players who join them or will this be a league for all the members to enjoy?
If the new is being formed, who is forming it and have they experience in running a league or just running tournaments, because I think there is a difference?
I, even with all the problems at word play, enjoy the few hours a day I spend playing gin on this ladder, and would suggest taking a few steps backward and make sure what you are trying to do will make the league better, and not kill it all together.
Just a new guys opinion and I hope someone can answer the questions I have asked.

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