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Posted by ReelTe8163 (Ranked 33 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on February 22, 2003 at 18:43:03:

Hi e1,
As you all know I have been checking out hotels in AC for our gin group. These are my findings and I don't like them as much as you are probaly not going to. It seems AC is a small area of Casinos, only 12 of them, They have them wrapped up tighter than a drum on WEEKENDS, for players, high rollers, and by invitation only, the Casino Hotels offer rooms for an average of $226.62 per nite, that is based on Friday nite, $249.95, Sat nite, 309.95 and Sunday nite, $119.95, and that is based on availability, for a very good reason they say that. What they do is accomodate their players on the weekends and leave the rooms open for players they are inviting, so what most of them actually say is they do not offer Cash Rates they are only reserved to card holders. (get the hint), (BTW, Cardholders are people that have a players card, a comp card to play in a machine or gaming table while you are at their Casino, you build up credits and then they comp you their rooms), so anyway the weekends are booked with comps and not groups or cash rates, (like us). It doesn't matter on or off the Boardwalk, same situation from Harrah's to Resorts to Showboat, just doesn't matter. It seems there is no problem with the economy in AC, lol. If we could switch this to during the week and not on a weekend we would not have this problem, they would probaly give us our rooms. I checked also on the closest hotel to the Boardwalk, that is the Quality Inn, 1 block to the Boardwalk, just steps to Boardwalk and Casinos, it is a high rise with 203 Oversized deluxe rooms, they do have availibility there and also group rates which we can get when we have a count of how many are thinking of going. I got rates for double occupancy would be, April 25, $92.00 April 26, $132.00, April 27, $65.00 plus tax, Rates for June 27, $129.00 June 28, $189.00, June 29, $89.00 plus tax. The rates are not much different for April or June and will drop for June as time goes by and they do not book them. (If anyone would like to see this hotel go to This would not be too bad even if we taxi the one block? I am going to put this out for some discussion, A couple of thoughts? If anyone thinks they can help us out speak up. I thought I had a couple of ins here and I am coming up empty. One thought would be to let e1 get a room wherever they can and a few that are players would have rooms in the casinos and possibly have suites where we could meet? Possibly we should check out Las Vegas or CT, they are begging for business? OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS ANYONE MAY HAVE TO OFFER.
Thanks and so sorry I don't have great news for you. Please feel free to IM me or e-mail me with any suggestions or questions.
Reel, Lorraine

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