Open Letter to Players

Open Letter to Players

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Posted by PENNYD5660 (LeadOp) (Ranked 62 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on February 22, 2003 at 15:45:03:

Dear Members:

I want to point out one very important fact; we are here to have fun. This is not the place to point fingers, abuse players or needlessly make unfounded or unsubstantiated remarks. We are here to have fun.

As a family we are all prone to our good days and our bad, as of late it seems we are having more bad days than good. Just chalk it up to the weather, economy or the possibility of war. That being said, just try being a bit more understanding of your fellow player and give them a break, it could be their time to have a bad day. Remember, your time for a bad day is just around the corner and someone will be giving you a break too.

Eekkk, it seems I have fallen into one of Bob’s monologues. Please excuse the long-winded editorial since it seems I have lost the point.

Ahh, here it is…………WE ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN………


PENNYD5660, LeadOp

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