Well, like it or not, there is no Quick and Easy

Well, like it or not, there is no Quick and Easy

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Posted by brazumich73 (LadderOp) (Ranked 130 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on February 20, 2003 at 09:42:17:

In Reply to: ~*~*~QUICK AND EASY ???~*~*~* posted by iidontgiveadam on February 20, 2003 at 08:30:58:

If there was a quick and easy, then...

1. The Ops would just box everyone who had a complaint filed against him or her, no questions asked. In my month as a LadderOp, that practice would have perhaps placed at least 25% of you in the penalty box in that time. Most of you would be there until after you've left this wonderful world of ours.
2. Every decision we would make would be applauded by both the accuser and the accused.
3. Everyone would get the rules they want.
4. Everyone would play fair.

The reality is...

1. Whether everyone likes it or not, the Op staff has to try to be impartial when we get complaints about other members. For those of you who get judgements against you, this probably comes as a shock. For my part I'm only human. If I wasn't, you could refer to me as Bob Almighty, and all our problems would be solved. Because I'm not Bob Almighty, I have to work on all our issues per a set of rules given to all the LadderOps. I don't always like those rules either, we just do our level best and trudge onward.
2. We can't make everyone happy, we just try our best.
3. We would not need rules at all if everyone made the effort to actually read and understand them as a whole, instead of selective interpretations that some members like to make of them.
4. No one wants to play fair, because even in our little ladder world on WorldPlay, we all have our own agendas. Everyone says to have fun, but no one really wants to.

It is my general understanding that most of the members of this ladder are, chronologically speaking, adults. There are times, and sadly too many of them, where I think most of us, myself included, haven't developed emotionally past, oh say, kindergarten. That is probably not an Op like thing to say to all of you who were kind enough to vote me in, but like I said, I've included myself in the group. You can even argue that this post is my decent into emotional kindergarten.

To DrunkonGin, GinJohn, Iidontgiveadam, and all the others who would like to see changes in the rules, I DO get it. I have not forgotten my promise to bring up suggestions with the rest of our Op team for this ladder. There are specific reasons why this has not been done yet, and those reasons do not need to be made public, except to say that often the real world takes precedence over our little community at times. But you have my promise, it is the best I can give you.

If you are all still awake :) thanks for your time reading this. I'll forwarn you that from time to time I'll make replies like this. That's just me.

Thank you,

brazumich, LadderOp
Case's Ladder

(another rule - comes with the Kelly Green letters)

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