Atlantic City

Atlantic City

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Posted by reelte8163 (Ranked 51 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on February 14, 2003 at 21:55:47:

Hi e1,
Thank you for that message Drunk, Harrah's is one of my top picks also, however it is not on the Boardwalk, What I think the best way to approach this trip is to narrow it down to a couple of hotels and prices, we are pricing ones on the Boardwalk and off the Boardwalk, (keep in mind, if you are off the Boardwalk, for instance, Harrah's , that is by the Marina, you would have no reason to go out at nite time, You would have a Casino, Entertainment, Restaurants, Bars and lounges, and a Gin room, my my , what else would one need.) I personally would not go out at nite on or off the boardwalk, ok , anyway, after we get narrow them down, hopefully pull some strings to get in one of the hotels on a Saturday nite, (not easy), we will come back here to the Forum with the choices and e1 can make a decision based on price and location, via, on/off the Boardwalk. If anyone has any pull and wishes to price anyplace please by all means , feel free to and post it on this forum. Thanks and be back at ya reel soon, hugs, Reel, Lorraine

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