Where DrunkonGin is quoting from

Where DrunkonGin is quoting from

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Posted by brazumich73 (LadderOp) (Ranked 118 on Gin (WorldPlay) Ladder) on February 06, 2003 at 08:55:02:

In Reply to: Re: Response from Head OP: posted by EnergizerBunnyX0 (Platinum) on February 06, 2003 at 06:36:36:

I am not surprised that no one knows where this "rule" is. I didn't know either until I did a little research.

Drunk has pulled his information from the following path:
1. Under the This Ladder heading select Formal Challenge
2. Select the Help Guide link under the login screen
3. All the way at the bottom is the rule that Drunk has been quoting in his posts.

My guess is that the great majority of players have not worried about referencing this page - since it says "Help" and not "Rules" one would not be inclined to read them. I would be part of that group.

So, in summary, I am not going to hold it against anyone who does not read a help file if they don't think they need the help. It should be noted that the help file indicates the formal challenge is a Beta . That may explain why the statement quoted by Drunk is not in the standard ladder rules information.

As for what games take precedence, Penny is correct (and I apparently was mistaken in a private response to Drunk earlier), Formals should take precedence over defends when they are made. At the same time they can take place when the time is mutually convenient to both players. Assuming we can all be rational about it, it is certainly possible to agree on getting a defend match played before a formal is played.

Some players put a bigger premium on defends because we have a 3 day rule to defend against the position immediately below you. If this is not done and a complaint is filed, then the player is liable for penalty, which could include a rank penalty, penalty box, or both. As Bunny noted, there is a 7 day period to get a Formal played. Formals can be satisfied either via regular ladder play or via a tournament - yes, even in a tournament match. When a formal is placed, as soon as the ladder software sees that player A plays Player B, it will mark that as the Formal match. The software does not care what the circumstances were.

Offline, I am sure that Penny and I will discuss how we might want to make this easier for all to understand. In the meantime, I am sure everyone can use their best judgement when it comes to formal challenges. If anyone sees what appears to them to be a violation, please feel free to submit a complaint via the Support links. If you have screen captures of the alleged offence, please forward them to Penny and me after you file the complaint.

Thanks for reading my little book. Enjoy the gin games!

brazumich73, LadderOp
Case's Ladder

a.k.a. Bob

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