Re: RIP ginl2 and p_f_ _flyer

Re: RIP ginl2 and p_f_ _flyer

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Posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) (Ranked 7 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on October 09, 2018 at 14:16:42 PDT:

In Reply to: RIP ginl2 and p_f_ _flyer posted by SLAYURCRU (Gold Member) on October 09, 2018 at 12:44:59 PDT:

: It is with utmost sadness that I post about the loss of two of ladder members.

: This may be news that people already knew but I didn't see anything in the forum about this and was just told today.

: I don't have any dates but based on the last time they played p_f_ _flyer had to be recently and ginl2 may have been awhile ago.

: It is always sad when we lose members of the ladder and even more sad when we don't know.

: Thanks to relic48us for letter me know.

: May they rest in peace and playing cribbage with their friends in the big crib board in the sky.

: This should remind us all that time is short and that any issues you have with another person should be mended.

: May the good Lord bless all of you with health and longevity.

OMG thxs Relic48us & SLAY for letting us know--

I haven't played Gin since she got locked out and an Op was helping her--Lost password? She was the glue in RC--had more games played then me :)

As for flyer--geez I just thot he was taking a break

Yes RIP and will miss our chat and games--You two were from RC and welcomed aboard-=There will always be stories about you as you were part of our Community the Ladder!

You guys are lucky ones 'cause the World is changing----

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