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Re: Nothing more to say Grace

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Posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) (Ranked 4 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on July 03, 2017 at 14:29:50 PDT:

In Reply to: Re: Nothing more to say Grace posted by dennis31 on July 03, 2017 at 04:27:21 PDT:

: : He ADMITS------------>Yes....yes...this is exactly how I will treat you------------If you do this----------->Take Note people--This is how he will trat you if he dislikes you--disagrees with you--or you mention who's winning in Hockey and Football now- CFL-Toronto for him-East coast Teams!

: : So BEWARE :(

: was making fun of your typo' said trat...who knows what that is.
: Take note...everyone makes typo's , everyone.
: However it is only the smart people that proof read.

Don't cover your true inteNtions with my typo Errors--Smart people will Learn ALL about your antics in due time

How I continue to make Errors when I type is only a beginning of how LOW you go to HURT people----

Enogh said --Sorry Grace--will always defend meyself!

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