Re: Rule Changes Proposal

Re: Rule Changes Proposal

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Posted by hugs1619 (Gold Member) (Ranked 7 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on October 05, 2018 at 16:54:34 PDT:

In Reply to: Re: Rule Changes Proposal posted by kiwijohn on October 03, 2018 at 11:37:27 PDT:

: My opinion is yes, small ladder, change the rules, play each other more than once good idea.Drop the spot matches completely if you bring in play person more than once. I don't think it matters if you play all 3 games back to back though. These rule changes may bring people back to what was once a vibrant league. Of course you allways going to have knockers of any rule change because they like it the way it is. And look at it this way, give it a 6 month trial period, and re evaluate after the trial period

I agree with SLAYURCRU when it comes to NOT changing the rules...I really think the rules we have now need to be ENFORCED is all.

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