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Posted by dennis31 (Ranked 1 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on June 26, 2017 at 04:58:32 PDT:

In Reply to: Re: lol posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) on June 25, 2017 at 20:50:52 PDT:

: : : : : lil_thummper> Cribbage@Server> lil_thummper has sat down. Cribbage@Server> TheGoz has sat down. Cribbage@Server> Game variation is Regular. Game score to 121. lil_thummper> gl lil_thummper> u'll always be my main nan :) lil_thummper> hop e u feeling better gl
: : : : : lil_thummper> TheGoz> save the reteric lil_thummper> rhetori c? lil_thummper> u truly are neddy :( lil_thummper> needy-- Cribbage@Server> TheGoz has stood up.

: : : : : Watch what you say around the case police

: : : : She's just making more friends.

: : : who cares about friends like you----have real life friends this is cyber space moron--could cereless about you and rick- -couple of punks!

: : like i said I could care less
: : You miss the point as usual...maybe ask p_f_flyer_1....
: : care less is 2 words and is spelled like this by the way.

: : like i said I could care less abot you nor your poins--you just a child
: as you act like your children and act like a child whiny azz--now be gone 'cause your meaningless to me!

You are funny , you always fly off the handle and start hurling out the childish insults.
Case in point...I said nothing to you like "childish whiny ass" or "punks" , I merely stated a point...and you go nuts. It's laughable really.

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