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Posted by lil_thummper (Gold Member) (Ranked 17 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on September 07, 2018 at 12:08:10 PDT:

In Reply to: Re: WOW posted by healed_by_crib on September 07, 2018 at 11:54:05 PDT:

: : : : : : : Hey bob_tygart-Every #1 hs been criticized for somethIng--No worries---You aren't the first asnd won't be the last-

: : : : : : : 20 years ago getting to #1 and abidinkg by the Rules was ENVORCED--Complaints were handled immkediatly to keep the Ladder movinjg b/c there were a 1000+ members vying for #1

: : : : : : : Now it sometimes tak4es up to a week to get an answer-Go Figure--ahhh Life now on the Ladder.

: : : : : : : As someone once said In Game Desrre--#2 is the new #1

: : : : : : : Don't get bent out of shape over the guys playing Habits--I agree -Why didn't he stay to play others? Maybe an emergeny or just Life in general? An explanation why he has to go--would have been nice

: : : : : : : A matter of Ettique5te and Common sense in my opinion.

: : : : : : : Anyhow--gl Bob hope you read these and learn how people fyeel and what they are saying about you --Perhaps you can re-read the Read the Rules again to re dresh : ) gl Bob

: : : : : : I have no idea how to respond to this mess.

: : : : : I must admit I am also confused as how to respond, but of course I am assuming that Kelly is a bit surprised I am still around as in a previous post she said I most likely would be dead by now.

: : : : : I am not sure what makes Kelly happy, if someone complains about what happens when they are #1 she gets upset, when someone doesn't complain when they are #1 and they get dropped she says the person shouldn't worry. So, as the old saying goes: "Stuff Happens"!!!

: : : : : Thru the five years or so I have been on the ladder I have finally come to one conclusion: Will Rogers must never have met Kelly

: : : : Yew $hit happens-----So why jump on me for dedfending him! Because that's what YOU PEOPLE Do--Leave the guy alone--he just wsants to Play--Talk to him in the game about his behaviour and the Conseqwuences of the Rules Why come here and jump on him--of course I'll help him--like Ayesha--Give people a Break--So "we" asren't up to your Standards--that doesn't mean "we" can't enjoy ourselves----however little difficult.

: : : just wondering what colour the sky is in Kelly's world.....

: : Not sure why you are "attacking" me ---This thread is about Bob being #1 and what was wrong with what he did as #1--

: : Remain on topice Dennis--If you and Erika what to throw your Anger & Hate at me go to H2H

: If asking what colour the sky is in your world is an "attack" you have bigger problems.

It appears you are Fixated on me and my world Dennis--Sorry I don't want to banter with you so please don't be a fidiot and reply to this --K

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