#1 vs #2 and Rule Change Proposal

#1 vs #2 and Rule Change Proposal

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Posted by SLAYURCRU (Gold Member) (Ranked 22 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on April 17, 2017 at 20:27:59 PDT:

Another instance of #1 vs #2 not being played on 4/17/2017.

I am not passing blame on either player however there should be some common sense used by all players who reach #2 at the end of the night and are in line to challenge for #1 the next day.

It should be required that #2 has to e-mail #1 to set up a time to play the following day and both players agree upon said time.

To have the ladder held up in essence because #1 can't play #3 or #4 without playing #2 first puts things at a stale mate.

I believe there needs to be rule additions or rule changes to allow the ladder to stay competitive without being held hostage by one player.

I propose we go back to the #2 player having to e-mail the #1 player by a certain time Eastern time to set up the match.

The #1 vs #2 match should be played by a certain time daily eastern time.

If this determined time comes and goes and the #2 player doesn't show up to play the #1 player, then the #1 player is free to play ranks 3 and 4 thus putting rank #2 vulnerable to drop. This would not only free up the ladder to play dynamically it would almost insure that the #2 player shows up to play or they are given a penalty without fail.

The offending player should not be given a pardon with the courtesy of a VRR, they should drop to the bottom rung of the entire ladder and have to work their way back to the top.

They should not be dropped to #25 or whatever rank a VRR is given now.

VRR's should not be given to avoid being dropped because a #1 vs #2 match didn't take place. That is a cop out and we all know that players move right back into the top 10 with a few wins, so there is no true penalty or effort being made here.

If you can't make the time to play as #2 or as #1 then don't get into those positions. Too often people are taking VRR's in the #1 or #2 position because they don't want to spend the time playing. This is where common sense comes into play. I am not singling anyone out or playing gotcha, just being honest here.

The ladder is supposed to be competitive it is supposed to be dynamic and yes I understand some people still play being social but a lot aren't.

I know this post probably won't get any traction for rules revision but I am in hopes it opens some eyes and also stops the VRR's. to avoid penalty risk.

No risk, no reward.........

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