20 Years on this ladder

20 Years on this ladder

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Posted by SLAYURCRU (Gold Member) (Ranked 41 on Cribbage GD (Gaming Safari) Ladder) on April 09, 2017 at 11:10:50 PDT:

Just noticed I have been on this ladder for 20 years.

It's been a long long ride. I remember playing with Case and Abigail on the first ladder Kali.

Then they added a few more ladders and ultimately got to Cribbage. JustinW1 and I beta tested the ladder with Case and Abigail and recruited people from the Zone Social Rooms to join and it blew up from there.

It's a shame that the Zone shut down as we were left stranded and no leadership to move us immediately to a new home. We lost 95% plus of our members and now we are just a small dot in the scope of things.

Nightly sing a longs with Slay, nightly trivia and of course the Slay News Network were staples back then.

A lot of good players have been lost over the years to the great man upstairs and I am sure they have their own ladder going.

I can hear Ezmarelda and AlohaRobbie saying NH and NC right now.

Ah the good ole days where the only talking was your rank on the ladder and the rest was just bull$hit.


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